Barbet Koi & Neo Mahler

Barbet Moderne och Vieux Griffon Barbet

Do we even bother?

My dear and very beloved companion, Barbet Koi, 2016.

A lovely portrait of a Barbet Modern ”á la opinion of J C Hermans”. A true eye-catcher, a beautiful, large, rustic, working and a much dear and beloved black, curly, hairy and woolly dog with a clean white nice tie. A very special dog teaching me a tremendously lot over his more than ten, eager to live, years.

For better and for worse; the very fact is how easy fooled both I and people actually are! It took me five years, many questions, and a lot of help from good friends whom possesses both knowledge and long experience. I do certainly not know it all, but I was given a chance and opportunity to get a Griph of the complex, but oh so very messy big picture!

An eye-opening but a tragic story about the rise and fall of a once recognized dog breed, today called the Barbet. A deeply sad history where facts were totally ignored and a single opinion of one man was put to reign the rule for the rest of the unknowing world.

Few reacted!
Most accepted!
What happened?

A recognized dog-breed got extinct, all while we, publicly and happily, are wagging the tails of ours. A few knowledgeable are totally chocked and alarmed, all while most appears to be content, silent followers of the so very attractive fame and money!

How about getting ourselves educated as to learn how to avoid these major faults?
In this described case it is a ”organized” fraud, and still ongoing, while all these hard to find but known facts are misused and put out of its true context.

Excuse me, but was is wrong with asking for an explanation to all those obstacles my dog and I actually encountered?

Will humans ever learn, if money is the sole strong goal and important facts are simply being ignored?
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