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Griffon barbet Ethics and values

Stuck in a lie

Vieux Griffon Barbet Neo Mahler de la serve de la Chapelle d'Alexandre

When reality hurts both dogs and people and none seems to care. Not even those who should! A organized Dog World shut their eyes and ears and continues to preaching obedience to a system that nowadays with all kinds of proof have shown us failed.

If we are aware, we also have the opportunity to choose and deal with available and shared facts!
Is it time to admit mistakes made way back in history but also in our present? In order to make a change for today and the future? We need respectful, tolerant and most important skilled, unpretentious leaders who clearly can point with the whole hand of theirs! In order to explain and express why awareness about verified facts are necessary to change direction before it is all too late.

Open your eyes and use your ears. Start listening to those experienced, skilled, passionated but profound and hard working researches. Those so very rare souls and minds, whom can explain and provide us with independent, unbiased facts with well studied evidence.

But what the heck? Who is interested? When most of us anyway are following a fancy trend or a popular influencer who gains and prefer likes, fame and money way before shown facts?

Well, I know I am ignored. But I can at least use my creativity to try make an unread post to become read and hopefully also understood. This is Neo Mahler de la serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre, A Vieux Griffon Barbet. A European and A Specific Working Dog Breed. Today nearly extinct due to now since many years verified but still today neglected facts!

People are easily manipulated and so was I. But the unskilled ones will hopefully one day learn and with knowledge and experience also become aware of the fraud done. When reality hard and naked strikes… those in charge will most certainly be struggling with ethics and values of theirs while explaining the truth to us whom been consciously or unconsciously fooled by those said to be fully trusted.